Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mom & Dad's Amazing 40th Anniversary Race

While we were in Colorado (that post is coming...stay tuned), we got to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary with them.  My sisters and I planned an Amazing Race type of event for our family to do.  My sisters and I were the official drivers for each of the three teams - so we didn't really participate more than driving and taking pictures!

It included a stop at the local dollar store to buy something that began with the letter T (for Tim) and J (for Jody) that came within 10 cents of $3. 

The next stop took everyone out to the elementary school to choose between an obstacle course and playing around the world.

Then we headed to a local restaurant where one person had to have their hands tied behind their back, go into the restaurant and order a piece of chocolate cake, then eat the cake (with their hands still tied) and pay.
Dan drew that short straw!
The next stop was taking 40 slurps of a slurpee while your team counted out loud.
The last stop (I need to get my sisters' pictures of this!) was at the local pool, where one person had to jump into the pool (clothed, mind you) and do 40 bobs while their team counted out loud.  This was by far the funniest of the stops.  Mostly because when my Mom jumped in to complete the task for her team, it was break time - so everyone else at the pool got to watch her run in, fully clothed, and do 40 bobs.  All while the lifeguards were looking at each other wondering if they should whistle her out or not.  It was hilarious (and there is video). 

It came down to the wire between two of the teams (who each ended up being disqualified for not completing tasks correctly earlier in the race).  My sister, Angie, and I were the drivers for those teams.  My team finished the pool task about 45 seconds after hers - but we had a better parking/getaway position....sans the stop sign I had to get through.  As I attempted to roll through it, she came barreling over the hill and I hesitated.  Had I been in my own car, I would have gone, but when you are driving your parents' car with your Dad in the backseat, you ten to hesitate.  It's a good thing there was hardly anyone, and no cops!, on the road because we definitely were breaking some laws.

It was so much fun and such a reminder of how much I love my family.  They'll do wacky things like this and have a blast doing it!  Making memories.

To my parents, Happy Anniversary.  You example of love and honor in a marriage is one of the best I have had the pleasure of witnessing.  You sacrifice for one another, you cherish one another, and you have fun with one another.  I am thankful for the legacy of love you have left for each of your daughters, a legacy that will passed on to each of your 10 grandkids.  90210 - always give 90 and only take embody this, and challenge Dan and I daily to do the same.  We love you! 


  1. Your family is so hilarious!! Can I be in it? Pleeeese :)

  2. How fun!!! :-) My mom and dad have their 40th this year too.