Monday, June 9, 2014

Eleven Months Old

Our sweet LillyBelle.  Your personality is really shining through now.  You have definitely mastered rolling around to get to what you want, and your helicopter move is your signature move.  You still are not showing much interest in crawling.  At times you will get up on all fours and rock a little, but then you face plant and roll to whatever you have your eyes on.  You are eating like crazy - I think you eat more than Evelyn most meals!  You are eating lots of fruits and veggies, cheese, yogurt, and some deli meats - but your favorite is any kind of pasta.  We started to help you make the transition form breast milk to cow's milk this month by introducing almond milk.  You actually had no troubles with drinking it from a sippy.  You are still nursing right before bed, so you are still getting your favorite!  We'll see if the transition from almond to cow's goes as smoothly!  You got your first tooth on Mother's Day!  You following that first with 5 more throughout the month.  It has definitely affected your mood during the days, but you are still sleeping well, so we can't complain too much!  You shot your first basket this month - and shooting hoops with Daddy is one of your favorite things to do right now!  The basketball goal you have cheers when you make a shot - and you raise your hands as if to say, "yay!" and clap every time it cheers - it's adorable!  You regularly say dada and mama now, as well as wave goodbye and give high fives.  You clearly know what they mean because when Mommy comes home from work, some days you immediately wave bye-bye to Amber.  We always laugh at how cute you are!  You bring us such joy and so much laughter every day.  I can't believe you are going to be one in a short month, it's gone by so fast!  Thank you for being so sweet and cuddly - you make every rough day 100% better!  We love you, sweet girl!

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