Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

We also celebrated Father's Day while Dan was still in Colorado.  We started the day snuggled in bed with Daddy where he got to open his gifts from us.  It's one of those fun mornings that you just tuck away in your memory where all is right with the world.  After breakfast, we had family pictures with my entire family.  I'll post those when I have them - but it's always fun to get 18 people all looking in one direction at the same time!

While my sisters and I planned out the Amazing Race, Dan enjoyed a Father's Day nap on my parents' 70 degrees, 30% humidity, and a light breeze.  Sigh.

Dan, you are the perfect Daddy for Evelyn and Lillian.  I pray that as they grow, so will their respect and admiration of you.  That they will always be Daddy's little girls and expect to be treated the way that you treat them, and me.  You are our center.  Thank you for the way that you love and lead.  You are cherished and loved!  Happy Father's Day!

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