Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Evelyn's gastroenterologist referred her to a endocrinologist for her short stature.  Her nutrition and digestion seems to be functioning normally, so he is concerned that he stalled growth is hormone related.  So we met with Dr. Paez last week.  Side note - I really, really like this doctor.  She is very thorough and has excellent bedside manner with small children!  She ordered some more labs to test for several diseases (Celiac, Turner's Syndrome, etc.) that are hormone related, and also a test of her levels of human growth hormone. 
Evelyn's favorite part of going to doctors...getting to watch movies on the iPad!
Since I go back to work next week, I asked if we could schedule her labs today (Amber was at home with Lillian all day anyway).  Fortunately, they were able to accommodate us.  She had to do a blood test (which she was a rock star about, by the way!) and they needed a urine sample.  Rather than cath her for that, they attached a bag and we had to wait for her to go potty.
So we went to McDonalds while we waited.
Evelyn wanted to show Daddy her owie.
We ended up spending about 2 hours waiting for her to finally go.  After McDonalds we went back over to the lab and I thought for sure she had to have gone.  Negative.  So we sat on the floor in the bathroom (gross, I know) and waited instead of taking her pants off to check just to put them back on again.  I tried having her sit on the big girl potty, tickling her, running water...natta.  The magic tricked ended up being a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse appisode.  When she had to concentrate to put some ducks in a big trunk, she forgot she was holding it and finally went!

We heard back fairly quickly on the labs.  She was negative on everything except the human growth hormone.  According to the labs, her levels were nearly undetectable.  The next step is to do a full human growth hormone simulation test, which will happen in December.  It's a 6 hour test (ugh). 

We are asking God to heal her completely before then!  Her body was designed by an intelligent Creator to produce this hormone - and we are believing it will align with God's will for her to be healthy! 

Update (October 24, 2013):  In accordance with James 5:14-15, we asked the elders at our church to pray over Evelyn a few weeks ago.  I had started measuring her more regularly (the old fashioned mark on the doorway method) before she saw her GI specialist in August.  Since the day we found out about the growth hormone, she has grown almost a half an inch!  Praise Jesus!  Join with us in praying for the completion of this work!

Is anyone among you sick?  Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. 


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