Thursday, April 4, 2013

Urology Update

We went to see Evelyn's urologist again this week to follow-up on her VCUR (urinary reflux).  She had to start the day with a renal ultrasound to look at her kidneys and the yucky lab where they inject dye into her bladder and watch to see if it refluxes into her kidneys.  I was able to be in the room during the ultrasound, but because the second lab requires x-rays to view the dye, I had to wait in the hallway (which is totally for the birds, by the way). 
Here's our little cutie waiting for the yucky lab - the best part of it was her favorite, Cinderella, on the wall.
I thought this test was awful last year, it was even worse this year because she was more aware of what was happening.  When it was over and they finally let me back in (after hearing my baby scream for over 45 minutes), I was bawling and scooped her up to hold her.  I didn't even care that she didn't have a diaper on and was probably going to pee dye on me.  The nurse had told us before we started that this is the worst age because once they inject the dye, they have to wait for her to urinate.  At this age, if they aren't potty trained especially, they tend to hold it in and can't understand when you tell them to pee.

We received partially good news from the urologist.  Her reflux has gotten better, but has not completely resolved itself, on one side in particular.  Dr. Smith-Harrison assures us that this is normal and it usually takes 3-5 years before the condition completely resolves.  We are still believing that God will heal her completely before then so she can come off of the maintenance antibiotic she has to take daily.  We go back in 18 months, when she will have to complete the two labs again.  Hopefully this next time will be a little smoother because she'll be potty trained and more able to pee on command!

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