Friday, April 26, 2013

Story Time with Belle

Every week, either Amber or I (depending on if I'm working or not) take Evelyn to the preschool story time at one of our local libraries.  She loves it, and it's been fun to watch her learn the songs they sing every week.  She sings most of them on her own now, or will demand that you sing it for her so she can do the motions.  This week, Disney on Ice was in town, so they did a special story time with an undisclosed Disney princess.  It ended up being Belle, pre-princess Belle with her love for books.
She read the kids a story about France
Then posed for pictures with each of them...
Evelyn didn't know what to do - so she just chewed on her fingers.
She still talks about story time with Belle, though, so there was some sort of an impression made!

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