Friday, April 19, 2013

Hooks Game Fun

For the last couple of years, my boss has treated everyone in our department to a Hooks (minor league baseball) game as a thank you for our hard work over the year.  He rents out a private deck where we get all of our food/drinks paid for and get to sit and watch the game in fun rocking chairs.

Or...when you have an almost two-year old, you get to take it the other amusements of the ballpark.  Our ballpark is really great for kids - they have several playground type attractions, huge grass areas to run around in, and several older-kid kinds of things like rock-climbing walls and bungee jumps on the trampoline.  It's a great, family-friendly ballpark.  

This was the first time we had made it to a game this season, and it was fun to watch how much Evelyn has grown since last year.  Seeing her do things she never did last year with so much independence.  She was pretty much running around non-stop most of the night.
Playing on the castle set
This slide would have been more fun if the sun was behind her!
"I climbing!"
(one of her favorite things to do...which accounts for about 90% of the bruises you see on her legs in half our pictures!)

This game was a Friday night game, which means that there is a free fireworks show after the game.  It's actually a pretty legit show, and they do it for every Friday night game.  We figured we would play it by ear and see how Evelyn did.  We knew she would like it, but didn't want her melting down because it was late, either. 
This was during the last inning...waiting for the fireworks (and completely zoned out)
She did enjoy them once they came - except for the loud ones that just explode into a white ball that aren't really pretty, just loud.  She kept saying, "loud" "lights" "sky" "pretty" over and over.  I was pretty surprised that she made it so late (it was nearing 10pm)!  I was equally surprised that Dan made it that late because he was catching a super early flight the next morning that required him leaving our house around 3:30am.  A fun night, though!  Thankful for a boss who appreciates his faculty and staff!


  1. Fun! We were talking to the big girls the other day about jumping on the trampoline/bungee thing at the Hooks game. They didn't remember! I'm going to have to break out the pictures.