Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random April Pictures

Here are all of the other random pictures from April...
I don't want to get up from a nap...or walk down the stairs!
Helping Mommy water the tree we are trying to nurse back to health for the third year in a row (it's getting cut down if it doesn't make it back this year!)

Playing at the playground/park just off the bay in downtown Corpus Christi
A sweet tea party that Amber took Evelyn too - she loved it!
I told her we were going for a walk, so she put my shoes on
It's tough being this cute
She thinks she's big enough for the big adjustment table at Dr. Walker's now!
Little stinker threw her ball into the street, then climbed into my chair as I chased (aka, waddled) after it
OK..this next one is kind of gross, but I had to post about what a champ my Dad is.  He was cutting trees with a chainsaw last weekend, and about cut off his leg.  Apparently if you are going to try to cut you leg off with a chainsaw, this was the way to do it because by the grace of God he didn't hit any ligaments or bone.  He has a hefty amount of stitches and healing to do - and was most proud that with his surgery scar from the staph infection a couple of years ago, he now has a #7 for John Elway on his leg.  (That's when I knew he was ok...when I called my Mom's phone and he answered telling me that!)  He ended up having to get an IV of antibiotics for a week to stave off another staph infection - it sounds like he and Mom finished off a season or two of 24 on the laptop waiting for that to happen every night!
We had the privilege of welcoming home our good friend, Aaron, who has been deployed for the last 13 months.  Evelyn and I met Amber at the airport that morning for the welcoming party, then I headed to work from there.  It was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed - not just the emotion of Hollie, Sam, and Gwen (his wife and children), but the overall support of so many friends and the local veteran's club.  Very special. 
Hollie, Sam, and Gwen waiting for Aaron to come down the hallway
Yay - reunited!!
Evelyn and I took Daddy to lunch for his birthday - she insisted on carrying his balloons!
This was taken at Aaron's Welcome Home party.  Hollie had everyone dress as a specific holiday or event that Aaron missed while he was away...we had the Super Bowl.
Happy April...ready for May.  It's one month closer to this baby being on the outside of me...and being able to breathe again, walk again, sleep (sort of) again....


  1. Charlotte loved all these pictures of Evelyn. "Awe! She's sooo cute!" :-)

  2. Yay for the updates! She is such a doll. Can't wait to see what #2 looks like!