Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gosh, She's Cute!

Some random pictures over the past few weeks...
One morning, little miss naked just wanted to wear socks, pulled up to her knees.
 I got Dan and Evelyn an adjustable height basketball goal for Valentine's Day...Evelyn is patiently waiting for Daddy to get it put together so she can shoot!
 Watching Sofia the First, her favorite show.  We don't let her watch a lot of TV, so when she gets to, she pretty much assumes this position and doesn't move!
 We have unofficially started potty training.  She has started taking off her clothes/diaper when she poops - so we've started trying to catch her before to let her get used to being on the potty.  I think we have a few weeks/months before we'll full on tackle this, though!
 Evelyn loves to wait for Daddy to get home from work and go "drive" with him.   She knows about what time he gets home, and she'll sit by the door saying, "drive" over an over.
 She also loves helping Daddy unload the dishwasher.
 They make a good team!

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