Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boing Boing Bounce!

Wee took Evelyn to Boing Boing Bounce, one of those indoor bounce house places.  She's been a few times before and really liked it, but now that she is getting older (*tear*) and bigger (*more tears*) she has started running around and wanting to do a lot of it herself.  Daddy got quite a workout from climbing up the slide stairs with her.  Not being able to climb and bounce much with my growing belly, I decided to take the nice camera and get some pictures.  I'm so glad I did!
Towards the beginning of the hour we were there - she still wanted Daddy's help
 She loves the big open space jump, too!
 And these balls...who wouldn't like to bounce around a ball that's as big as you are?
 I love this one because it shows the pure joy she was experiencing - she'd always come up at the bottom with a huge smile on her face.
Safe at the bottom!
 By the end, she was coming around the corner and going down on her own (before Daddy could even finish getting up the stairs).  She would say, "2-1 blast off!" and bounce her way down.
 She liked these little guys until they bucked her off...
 The place we were at sometimes has different characters come in (Mickey, Elmo, etc.).  Today it was Minnie Mouse.  She backed up - wide-eyed - not real sure about Minnie.
 Dad - get our hand off - I can do it myself!
 She also loved the tunnels!
 She did this to herself...I think I'll have a seat here...
 Dancing to the music
 Fun times with Daddy! (and Mommy)

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  1. Those are great pictures, Stace! Could she BE any cuter?! Looks like a lot of fun... Wish Henry could join her!