Friday, September 21, 2012

Grammie Came to Visit

My Mom came to visit for a few days this past week!  It was so much fun having her here, and makes me miss being close to her always.  Sigh.  Here are some pictures of her time here!
Evelyn getting ready for Grammie to visit

Playing on the stairs
Eating blueberries
Showing Grammie the fish at the aquarium
Reading books with Grammie
Showing Grammie my sand/water table

I think there's something on my hands, guys
Reading with Daddy (look at those tired, I've been playing with Grammie all day, eyes)
On Tuesday, both Dan and I had to work, so my Mom watched Evelyn. 
They played on the swing...
And pushed around chairs...
And played with Mommy's fall decorations...
And talked to my cousins...
Happy to have Mommy home!
Love Grammie!
Playing outside
Getting ready for bed...
Come back, Grammie!  We love having you here.  Counting down the days to Christmas!

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