Sunday, September 9, 2012

Broncos Football!

Oh the gloriousness that is Broncos football.  I love it.  I love it, so.  Today was Evelyn's first "real" Broncos game.  Sure, last year she was around for the season, but she slept through most of the games and didn't really seem engaged in what was happening.  Not so today.  My little girl spent the 30 or so minutes of the game that she got to watch walking in circles around the living room and yelling at the TV.  Made this mama proud.  It may be my proudest moment as a mother yet. :-)

Of course, when I busted out the video, she calmed down a little - but you can get the picture.
That's my girl!
1.  Daddy and his Broncos cheerleader!     2.  Dan calls this her 'game face'.     3.  Hooray Broncos!

And I'm a little concerned.  I generally can not stand Cris Collingsworth and his just general dumbness...but tonight he made me laugh.  Twice.  I love the Broncos.

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  1. Becoming a Broncos fan maybe a little easier since Peyton is there. Little E sure makes a cute fan!