Sunday, September 2, 2012

Aquarium Fun

Yesterday we went to the Texas State Aquarium - it's our local aquarium that we have heard was really nice, but had yet to visit in the 4 years we've lived here.  We actually became members because after two visits, the membership pays for itself - unlimited admission (to the exhibits, shows, and the splash park they have), free parking, discounts on food, gifts, and admission for guests...hint, hint...come visit.  Evelyn definitely liked it - I can't wait to take her on a less busy day when she can roam around on her own a little more.

Watching the dolphin show

She loved the exhibits that were on the floor-level

I can't remember what we were looking at her - but her face cracks me up!
In one of the seahorse exhibits, you can crawl up into a bubble and be "in" the exhibit.
Hey - there's a seahorse!
And there's my Dad!
Hi Mommy!
Looking at some more exhibits
Seeing how her wingspan measures, short
Dan has the wingspan of a turkey vulture
We didn't get to go to the splash park today because this rolled in from the Gulf

Stingray exhibit
Had I shot this 2.74 seconds later, you could have seen her touching the stingray!

At the underwater portion of the dolphin exhibit
And so you can see that I was actually there as well...
It was lots of fun - we'll definitely be back.  Evelyn's nanny is getting a one-year membership for herself for her birthday this week as well, so I'm sure this will be a favorite thing to do!

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