Saturday, January 28, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper

Today Dan is tearing out a rose bush that hardly ever blooms (so it just tears the crud out of his skin when he mows instead). He's been trying to convince me to get rid of it since about a day after we moved in. I drug my feet because I love roses, and having rose bushes reminds me of my Grandma Uni. But it really is about dead, and its more of a nuisance than pretty, so Dan wins. He about jumped for joy last week when I told him he could rip it out. We're going to start storing our trash and recycle cans back there so we can get them out of the garage...especially since we have a new little person's stuff to store out there! So we went to Home Depot to get some pavers to build a little patio for the bins and hopefully make it easier to get in and out each week.


Daddy's Little Helper


I thought he did a pretty good job! And we did this BEFORE Grandad comes to visit in a few weeks...guess we'll have to come up with some other projects for that visit! :-)

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  1. Good job, guys! :-) On both the project and the beautiful little helper!