Thursday, December 22, 2011

Play Date with Charlie

Today we got together with one of my childhood friends, Stephanie, and her family.  Stephanie and I grew up about a block away from each other, back when the street and houses behind our houses were still a huge field that we snowmobiled and sledded through!  We fought like sisters (hair pulling, rock throwing, the whole works), but spent endless hours playing together.  You can imagine our surprise when we found out we were both pregnant and would be having our first babies within days of each other!  Doug and Stephanie had Charlie 4 days (I think, it might have been 6!) before I had Evelyn.

We spent the time catching up with the little ones played.  It was amazing to see how different they were from each other when they are so close in age!

Charlie and Evelyn with their respective teething toys!
I always forget how small she is for her age!!
Sweet babies!!

Stephanie and Doug, thanks for coming over and bringing your sweet boy to play!  Let's not wait so long to do it again! :-)

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