Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Week with Cousins!

Late Sunday night we headed to Wray to beat the snow storm.  We didn't get a ton of snow here, but got enough that I danced around like a little girl, giddy to see snow for the first time in 2 years!  Evelyn was fairly indifferent to it (she'll learn!).  This week heading into Christmas we just relaxed a lot (for once!) and watched Evelyn with her cousins.  We commented so many times that we have never seen her so happy.  That sounds bad, like she's not a happy baby...she is, but this week was different.  She was laughing so much and always wondering where those crazy kids were.  Makes us really want to get back home near family so she can grow up with her cousins.  Here are some pictures from the week 'o fun with her cousins!
When she's in a coat, she just sits there and barely moves - she'll move her eyes to try to see something, but doesn't move her head.  It's cute.
Evelyn isn't a huge fan of coats, socks, or shoes...
My family calls Evelyn, "Pete," because she was named after my Grammie Peterson.
Heidi trying to steal Pete's pluggie...
Cousin Ben making her laugh...
Heidi showing Evelyn how to jump in her jump-a-roo
Evelyn could reach the floor in Grammie's jump-a-roo!
Ben is starting youth basketball this year, so Dan was teaching him about hoops.
Go Boilers!
More playing with cousin Ben
My Mom has made each of her grandkids a quilt that has their name, birthday, birth time, weight, and height.  Evelyn got her's while we were home.
I love my quilt, Grammie!
Hey guys!
Wrestling with Daddy!
Heidi eating a candy coated marshmallow
Heidi was a little concerned at times...trying to figure out why Evelyn was playing with all of her toys (or why Evelyn got a pluggie and she didn't!)
After my Mom gave Evelyn her quilt, Ben, Katie, and Heidi wanted theirs out too, so my sister brought them over and we laid them all out to compare who was the biggest baby/etc.  Made for some cute pictures!
Katie, Ben, Heidi, and Evelyn on their quilts
And a close up! 
This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip!
Now it's time to wrestle Uncle Dan!
One good thing about cousins...they'll push you around in a laundry basket!
Heidi wanted in on the action!
Katie got some new snow boots, so Evelyn was trying them on!
Trying Ben's hat on...
It was such a fun week leading up to Christmas!  Dan and I really enjoyed just relaxing and not running all over the state.  We usually try to go everywhere to see everyone, but this year just stayed put to make it easier with Evelyn.  I think that may be the norm come future Christmas trips as well!  My sister, Lisa, and her family got into town late Friday night - so we were all together for Christmas Eve and Christmas!  Love my family!

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