Friday, December 30, 2011

More Fun with Cousins

After Evelyn was sick on Christmas (and most of my sister's family the week leading into Christmas), it was Gage and I's turn on Monday.  It wasn't particularly fun...but it was a 8 hour bug almost by the you could at least count down to feeling better!  I spent most of the day in bed, on the couch, or in the recliner (and well, you know)...oh what fun.  Dan got a small strain of it on Tuesday...fortunately it didn't quite knock him down like it did me, so we were still able to leave on Tuesday evening to drive through the night home.

Here's some pictures of the last couple of days in Colorado...
Evelyn and Heidi playing dolls...Heidi's showing her how to be a good doll mommy
Heidi and I hanging out (like my cool not washed for 2 days because I've been sick hair?)
Evelyn and Gunnar - looking pretty ornery!!
Eating Mommy's sweatshirt string...
Heidi playing dress up in Grammie's closet...
Grammie and Evelyn ready for the Purdue Bowl game
Katie and Evelyn
Evelyn and her Harms cousins
Ben and Evelyn
We left Tuesday evening after a quick drop in at the Crow anniversary party (the Crows are a family we grew up with, so it was great to see all of them while we were home, too!).  We made it through the night again, and Evelyn did pretty well.  She had a couple of rough patches, but slept most of the night part of the trip.  I always feel like Texas is twice is big coming back to Corpus...maybe she did too.  It was nice to be home, though.  We went to get adjusted at our chiropractor's that afternoon - and she about lost it when we put her in her car seat again.  I guess two 18+ hour car trips in 10 days time will do that to a girl!

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