Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Things I Miss the Most

I have officially hit the point of pregnancy where I feel huge and uncomfortable most of the time.  So in honor of achieving this milestone, I share with you the things that I miss the most from my pre-pregnant days (in no particular order).

1.  Breathing.
I miss breathing through my nose and not having such swollen sinus membranes that eating requires taking short breaks to catch my breath.

2.  Coffee.
I miss coffee with caffeine.  Yes, I know, I technically can have a cup a day, but I know I can't stop at a cup.  And really, I miss caffeine in general.

3.  Sleeping.
I miss sleeping on my stomach and my back.  And I really miss getting out of bed without having to roll out of bed (and without elbowing Dan in the face when I get back into bed for the fifteenth time each night).

4.  Running.
I miss running, especially now.  This is my favorite time in Corpus to run in the evenings - it's perfect.  I had such terrible siatic pain early on that my doctor wouldn't let me run, and now that the pain has been taken care of, she says too much time has passed to start running again.  So I walk or swim (which I have enjoyed getting back in the pool more often!).

5.  Sushi.
I miss Philadelphia rolls, and Texas rolls, and Christmas rolls, and...  Dan will likely be making a trip to Imperial Cafe shortly after I deliver. :-)

6.  Walking.
I miss walking without waddling, gasping for air, and tingling feet and hands.

7.  Painting.
I miss painting my own toenails.  While I do enjoy the monthly pedicures I am letting myself get, painting my nails has always been a very relaxing time for me.  I miss that time.

8.  Drinking.
I miss the occasional margarita and the occasional Fat Tire.

9.  Eating.
I miss eating with no heartburn or indigestion.  And I miss sandwiches with lunch meat.

10. Clothing.
I miss not having to pull your jeans up every time you stand up.  Although I do love maternity pants, they are the best invention ever.

Luckily, I know this will all be worth it in 3 short months when I get to hold my daughter for the first time!

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  1. Oh Stace, how soon you will totally forget all of this when you hold your little munchkin. You will not believe that you can love something so much. All of these things that you miss now will be totally worth it when May comes.

    Get your Tums ready because these will be your new favorite snack.