Thursday, February 10, 2011

25 Down, 15 to Go!

Today officially marks 25 weeks on this little journey.  I'm still amazed that there is a little person growing inside of me!  I am also amazed, every time we take one of these pictures, at how big I am!  Dan says that I'm starting to walk and sit/stand up like a pregnant lady - so I guess I am getting big.  And while I'm on the topic of amazed, my belly button is crazy!  It's still (barely) an innie, but I am completely obsessed with it.  It's my own little growth meter.

Everything has been going great - Dan felt our baby girl move for the first time this week!  I had an appointment on Monday, and my doctor says that everything looks fine.  She has given me the OK to fly out to San Diego in late March/early April to receive the award that I received for my dissertation.  I'll be 32 weeks then, but as long as there are no problems between now and then, I'll get to be out there for it! Overall, I feel great.  I'm starting to feel pretty worn down at the end of days, especially my Tuesdays/Thursdays when I teach 4 classes back to back.  I've been swimming 2-3 times a week, and doing some prenatal exercise/yoga DVDs on most of the other days.  Between that and regular chiropractic adjustments to keep my sciatic pain in check, I can see why some women love being pregnant! :-)  My Mom and Dad are heading out next week to help us with a couple of getting ready for baby projects.  I'm hoping for nice weather so we can spend some time at the beach while they are here too!  Even Coloradoans probably don't want to spend a day at the beach when it's 30-40 degrees out!

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