Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Digits!

We are officially in double digits...only 99 days to go as we count down to our baby girl's arrival!  What is even crazier is that in one week, I will be in my third, THIRD, trimester.  Where has the time gone?  Part of me wants to start freaking out a little because there is still so much to do before she comes (paint the nursery, set up furniture, create my summer online courses, figure out day care for next year...).  Fortunately, my Mom and Dad are flying down tomorrow (yay!), and we'll get some of my list crossed off. (Don't worry Dad...I don't have enough to fill the entire weekend...we'll go to Whataburger).  I've got an idea of what I want to do with the nursery, hopefully it will look as neat done as it does in my head.  :-)  You can be praying that we will figure out the day care bit.  Our heart's desire is to find someone in Kingsville who does in home care for a small number of children.  My hope is to be able to leave campus and nurse at least once through the day, but we aren't having a lot of success finding that yet.  There is a child development center on campus that is really good - and we are on the waiting list there.  Our prayer is that we will find someone or that a spot will open there.  It's a little bit anxiety provoking to think about leaving our baby with someone we barely know...praying for God to bring peace and direction!


  1. Sophie saw your picture while I was reading the blog and said, "Awe, Stacey and Dan... I miss them." :-(

  2. :-( we miss her, too!! Does she know you get to see us in April?