Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trip to the Hill Country

For quite a while, Dan has been wanting to get away so as an early birthday present for him I found a little farmhouse in Blanco, Texas for us to stay in for the weekend.  I had originally looked for a cabin somewhere in the Hill Country (which is beautiful, by the way), but because it was only a couple of weeks before our trip, most everything was booked.  It was a great weekend, though, and this house was perfect!  Texas people, I highly recommend it ( - very clean, spacious, and completely removed.
The lady who owns the house left cinnamon rolls and muffins for breakfast
Our view from the back yard
Yummy breakfast
They even had a high chair for Lilly (who was finally acting more like herself!)
On Friday, we went to Johnson City to visit the Exotic Park Zoo.  We were a little nervous at how good this would be, but we were overly surprised at how great it was!  They have a petting zoo where you can buy a bucket of food and feed the animals, then they take you on about a 45 minute tour of the grounds where you see all kinds of animals and get to pet and feed them.  Evelyn loved every minute of it!
Feeding the animals before the tour...

Lilly was ready for a nap!
 This guy goosed Dan...when we came back to the petting pen after the tour, he was gone.  I think he got put in time out. :-)
She kept waving and saying "hi" to them

The tour was pretty sweet as well - we saw deer, antelope, camels, bulls, ostriches, zebras, goats, kangaroos, cows, pigs, and more that I'm just not thinking of right now! 

This guy was Dan's favorite (he named him "Curly")
Evelyn liked the ostrich, who came stright up and ate out of the bucket.
After the zoo, we grabbed lunch at a place in Johnson City with yummy calzones.  In the restrooms, they had chalk and a chalkboard on the inside of the door.  While I was doing my business, Evelyn started drawing a happy face (I was pretty impressed that it actually looks like one!).  I asked her if the object on top of the happy face was his hat, and she said, "no, a moon."  OK, my bad.
After naps we just played outside in the yard.  It was a beautiful day, and Evelyn loved just exploring.  I enjoyed playing with my camera practicing shooting in manual mode.
[insert a whole bunch of pictures here...sorry, it's probably a little much, but i couldn't choose just a few!]

I just really love this one...

Evelyn said they were playing cookies...
Apparently Lillian wanted to eat them...

Climbing trees with Daddy!
For dinner we cooked hot dogs and s'mores on the fire.  That is one thing this house didn't have, an outdoor fire pit, but the indoor fire place worked, too!

We let Evelyn stay up late and play a new game (Hungry Hungry Hippos)
Her strategy was to scoop the marbles into her hippos mouth herself...
It was rainy on Saturday morning, so our plans to go to Blanco State Park and hike were derailed.  So we created our own fun at the farmhouse!

Oh goodness...we're only 2.

Cuddling with Daddy

We went for some Texas BBQ and ice cream for dinner.  Not as good as some we've had since we've lived here, but it wasn't terrible!
Perfect sky on our last night at the farmhouse
This was our little farmhouse for the weekend...cute, huh?
At the recommendation of Amber (our nanny) and her husband, Stephen, we went to a restaurant called I'Noz in Wimberley (another small Hill Country town).  It was amazing, and you could walk down to the creek from the back of the restaurant.
Throwing rocks in the creek
Attempts at a family picture...had to use the auto shoot on the camera.

Sweet Lilly...feeling better, finally!
And it's back to reality tomorrow.  Ugh.  A great weekend away, though!  Part of me would love to go back to that house because we know it's a good place...but I'd also like to find a cottage or cabin or something next time, too.  I really liked Wimberley - we might go there next time!

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