Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Some pictures from Spring Break this year.  It was pretty low key, filled with lots of a 2-year old running around naked or in just panties (can you say, potty training for real this time?).
Ready for some breakfast!
"I drink my milk all gone!"
Talking to Grammie on her phone (apparently a case of toilet paper and a case of paper towels make a great office!)
This time she's talking to Micah!
Taking a nap on the stairs
Daddy and Lilly ready for a Pacers game
Evelyn got a new, small, toy each day that she stayed dry - her first choice was a camera, which she immediately took over to Lillian to get her picture
Where's Evelyn?
There she is!
On Monday, it was cold and rainy, so we went to the pet store to get out of the house for a little bit.
By the afternoon, it had warmed up a little and was a little misty, but I thought we could still go for a run.  On Mondays, we usually go and Dan picks us up somewhere between our house and our chiropractor.  This day, the mist turned into a downpour (thanks, for your accurate forecast) and we ended up hanging out on a random person's porch until Dan could get there.  At least I got a short run in first!
Sushi for beginners
It warmed up on Tuesday, so we got the pool out and enjoyed some outside time!

A size 12 months swim suit that is already almost too small...slow down, kid!
Wednesday we headed to Brinca (the indoor bounce house)
And made silly faces on the computer while Lillian took a nap!
(seriously, these crack me up!)
Lillian has been sick with upper respiratory junk for the last almost 2 weeks, so on Thursday I finally broke down and took her into the doctor.
(sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitis...blah!)
Evelyn was less than thrilled because I had promised her we would go see Kai and Shadow (the dolphins at our local aquarium)
So I made good on my promise...even though it was spring break and CRAZY at the aquarium.  We got there 45 minutes before the show starts and it was already packed.
Lillian people watching...
Go team Kai!
We have plans to leave for Blanco, Texas (a small town between San Antonio and Austin in the Texas Hill Country) as soon as Dan gets off work today.  It should be a perfect end to a kind of crazy spring break.  Between potty training a 2 year old and consoling an 8 month old who would scream every time you walked more than 2 feet away, I'm about ready to be back to work!  :-) (but not really)

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