Sunday, March 30, 2014

Impromptu Beach Trip

We decided to take the girls to the beach today as we were driving home from church.  We need to go more often, I mean we live 20 minutes from it.  Here are some pictures of the fun!
Getting used to the COLD water!
She is finally tall enough to not get completely knocked over by the waves
She was having a blast running from them, grabbing a handful of sand to throw, then running back in
Lillian enjoyed it as long as we didn't try to dip her feet in the water

More running and sand throwing

There were tons of jellyfish washed up onshore today - jellyfish are one of Evelyn's favorites at our local aquarium, so we had to keep her away from them!
We had to pry her from the water to come play in the sun for a while to warm up
Building (and smashing) sand castles

Mommy's butterfly
Playing in the sand was more Lillian's style

Mommy's turn to play the run and throw game
We were in here for about 5 minutes before she was full-body we had to get her out to really get warmed up.  She was so sad!
Sun and sand wear a little out
After dinner and baths, we let Evelyn watch Frozen to cap off the night.  Lilly perfected her new-found skill of helicoptering around on her stomach to get to whatever she wants across the room
Sweet, tired girl
Evelyn insisted that Dan wear her hat while watching
Night-night, Lilly
She said she was Anna...hat, cape, and a basket?

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