Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rockin' K Maze

Corpus is moving up in the world.  We now have a corn maze/fall fun place, so we decided to head up to try it out.  It was actually really nice, and well put together.  They had quite a few activities outside of the corn maze - most of them made from various types of farm equipment - a little train, a spider web/trampoline, slides, a "hamster wheel," chickens and goats, hay bales and a "pumpkin patch" (we really don't have real pumpkin patches here...).  Here are some pictures of the fun!
Little miss who insists on walking everywhere, but won't do it on her own yet!
Checking out the chickens
And the goats
Trying out the "horses"
Doing some roping
Climbing on the spider web
Heading to the slides
This may have been one of my less brilliant decisions in life
Dan made me put this one in...this thing is way harder than it looks!
And now for the corn maze!
It was so hot...if it would have actually been fall-type weather it would have been a really great time!  It still was...but by the time we got to the corn maze, it was 95* - so walking through corn with no breeze was not incredibly fun.  We tried to let Evelyn lead, but by the end - it was time to get us out of there! :-)

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