Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Carnival Fun

We went to a fall carnival at a local school tonight.  Our church is having a 3-day outreach/seminar starting tonight through Sunday, and one of the single moms who we have come to know was needing someone to watch her son last minute.  We offered to take him with us to the carnival so that she could be at the church for tonight's session.  Isaac is one of Evelyn's buddies at church, so she was excited pretty much from the minute I told her he was coming to our house.
Our crew as we headed into the carnival
First ride - a really fun (sense the sarcasm) one that pretty much spun around in circles for 5 minutes.  But the kids loved it! :-)
Up next was a pirate ship/swing ride.  Lillian and I watched this one decided this was a good time to dump a bottle of chocolate milk all over herself.  The pictures were hard to catch because I just had my phone, but I love Evelyn's expressions.
 Waiting to ride the train
We made it about 50 yards and it started smoking and died...oops
The carnival's version of Disney's tea cups - Evelyn loved this one, especially when I would whip it around!

The train ride - part 2 - the best group shot we could get!
And our last ride - the carousel
Yes...Lilly is pretty much naked/in a diaper - the chocolate milk incident was a doozy, and I didn't bring any extra clothes.  We got to be "those people"...

It was a fun night!  It's the second year now, though, that I didn't get a sno cone at this fall carnival (one of the reasons I want to go!).  It's a little funny to think I grew up trying to figure out how to navigate that year's costume both with and without a winter coat, because you never knew if it was going to be snowy or not.  And now here I am wanting a sno cone...

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