Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Four Months!

I can not believe that four months have already passed - slow down, baby girl!  The sweetest thing you have learned to do this month is smile and laugh...all. the. time.  You are such a happy baby.  In the morning, or after your naps, when I open the door and say something, I am always greeted with a HUGE smile as I peek over your crib, followed shortly by flailing arms and legs from excitement.  It's my favorite.  I also love that you have found your thumb and you regularly suck it and your fingers.  You have also started rolling onto your side to fall asleep - between the side sleeping and the thumb sucking, I have 'wasted' many minutes just watching you, sweet girl!  With your side sleeping, you have also starting rolling over from back to front.  It's not going to be long before you are really rolling and mobile (Mommy is not ready for two mobile children!).  You still are not the best night sleeper, but you are getting better!  You make it stretches of three and a half hours pretty normally, and we can sometimes get you to go for closer to five or six.  You are a smart little stinker...when you wake up and start crying out, we will watch you on the monitor and you will cry, then look over towards the side of the crib to see if anyone is coming, then cry again.  You regularly grab things and love to bring them to your mouth.  You have become a champ at taking your pluggie out and putting it back in again (now for you to be able to do this at night!).  You still do not like bottles - although some days you will take your whole feeding with Amber by bottle, most days you prefer to finish it off with a syringe.  You are getting very close to being able to sit up by yourself - you love being in the bumbo because you are upright and can feel like you are a part of the action.  You are such a joy, sweet girl, your Daddy and I love you so much!  Happy four months!
Here are your 4 month stats:
Weight: 16 pounds, 1 ounce (up 3 pounds, 4 ounces from 2 months) - 83th percentile
Height: 25.75 inches (up 2 inches from 2 months) - 92nd percentile
Head Circumference: 43 cm (up 1.8 cm from 2 months) - 96th percentile

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