Monday, February 20, 2012

Her World is Expanding

Now that Evelyn is more mobile, she's really started exploring.  Up to this point, she's pretty much stayed in her little play space in our living room.  Over the weekend, she found the tile floor for the first time, but it was like an invisible fence - she wouldn't cross it - until today.  She rolled over onto it once, then was precious.  She wouldn't move at all, she just stared at us.  After doing that a few times, she decided to take the plunge...
First, I'm just going to see if I can get my feet back there..., let me try my hands...
OK...not quite ready - but did you see what I did?!
She never did quite let herself get over...but she was so proud of her self for trying - squealing and smiling!  I'm guessing in the next day or two, we'll be fencing her in!  Good thing Grammie and Grandad will be here on Wednesday to help with the corralling!

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