Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boiler Up!

Evelyn is experiencing her first Boilermaker football game (it hasn't been much of a game thus far, however!).  Here's our little Boilermaker in the making!

Getting ready for the game!
This kid seriously loves watching football!  When it's on, she will sit and just stare at the TV.  She is definitely my daughter!  She's also a fan of her Bumbo seat - she has reached the stage where laying is no longer fun, she wants to sit (or stand).  In the day and a half I've had it out, she's loved it!  It sure makes it easier to play with her since she's happy because she's sitting, but I can actually see her face instead of sitting her propped up in front of me.  
Watching the action!
 Watching the game with Daddy!
And...Evelyn got mentioned by the official Purdue Sports twitter - she's practically famous!
Watch out for the twitterazzi!
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  1. She is SO cute. I can't believe how big she has gotten already. I just want to hold her!