Thursday, August 18, 2011

Henry + Evelyn

Evelyn's future husband was born today!!  Henry and Evelyn had their first date back in April when Henry's Mommy, Emily, came to visit.  They went to a Tim McGraw concert, spent a day on the beach, cried through a movie was basically love at first sight (through their mother's bellies, of course!).

Here's the handsome little man...
And the card Evelyn sent her boyfriend today...

In all seriousness, though, there's something even more special about your best friends having babies after you have had one of your own.  I have never been so sad to live so far away from her (stupid Texas), and I can't believe I won't get to meet this little guy until November! least it will just be a few weeks before I'll get to meet yours! :-)  How fun that we all have 2011 babies, neatly spaced 3 months apart!

Congratulations Jason & Emily!!  He is precious, and we can't wait to meet him in November!

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  1. Yes, for once my little guy maybe the smallest. That rarely happens with my babies.