Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Little GloWorm

Remember those old toys called GloWorms?  (I think I'm spelling that might be, Glow Worm).
They are actually a little bit creepier than I remember them being, now that I'm searching for an image on Google!

We have our own little GloWorm here!  We still swaddle Evelyn because it helps her sleep, especially at night where she nets a good 7-9 hour stretch most nights - Hallelujah!!  Dan came home from work today and got her up from her nap, where I had swaddled her in one of her SwaddleMe blankets.  He brought her downstairs and said, "She looks like a little GloWorm - she just needs a little hat!"

So like every good parent, we put a little hat on her head and took some pictures!  Maybe she'll find it funny at her high school graduation! :-)

We actually took these pictures right before she went to bed that night...poor girl, look at her tired eyes!  And her Mom and Dad are screwing around taking GloWorm pictures!

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