Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun with Cousins in Colorado!

This past week, Evelyn and I flew up to Colorado to visit my family because Dan was in Kansas City for work.  It was Evelyn's first time to meet her cousins on the Wisdom side and see a little bit of God's Country!  Here are some highlights/pictures from the trip!

My sister, Lisa, picked us up at the airport and drove us to Greeley so that Evelyn could see her Uncle Nate.  Lisa and Nate are on staff with Athletes in Action and Nate has been taking classes this summer so he wasn't going to be able to come to Wray with the rest of the family.  We had my favorite Greeley dinner, Roma...mmmmm...I'm drooling just thinking about a Nutty Idea caroli from Roma.

Gunnar liked her piggies!

Evelyn with Uncle Nate

After dinner, we started the longest trip EVER from Greeley to Wray.  We had to go pick up my nephew from camp on the way, so the trip should have taken around 3 hours tops.  We clocked in over 4 hours...from the longest wait at Taco Bell known to man, to having a new little one who thought she needed to eat, it was a long trip!  I spent half of it sitting on the floor next to Evelyn's car seat because she wasn't sleeping as planned...I guess she wasn't used to 4 monkey cousins in the car with her!

Grandad waited up to see Evelyn not crying (she cried most of the 4 days he was here in May...)

Evelyn with her cousin Katie

Evelyn and her cousin Gavin

All of the Wisdom grandkids...we're running out of room on the couch!

Gage and Evelyn

Evelyn with Gunnar

Evelyn and Grant

All of the Wisdom grandkids were in Wray at the same time, so Mom had pictures taken.  I'll post those once I get them from her! (click here)  It was fun to have all of them together, even if it was for a short while.  Gage got to stay in Wray for a few days while Evelyn and I were there.  (Every summer, the Buxman boys get to spend a few days in Wray alone with Grammie & Grandad...this was Gage's turn)

Grandad with Evelyn (again, not crying!)

Another reason we made the trip was so that Evelyn could meet her Great-Grandmother Eunice.  One day while we were home, we went up to the nursing home that Grandma Uni lives in to visit her and let her meet Evelyn.
Grandma Uni, Evelyn, and I

My favorite picture...(good job, Aug!)

Heidi loved Evelyn - although she was a little stumped when she walked into the Broncos room (where Evelyn and I slept) and saw someone else in her crib!

Now she's sharing Grammie's lap, too!

Gage Parker keeping Evelyn entertained

Ben finally getting his turn to hold Evelyn - he was a very patient boy letting everyone else go first and waiting for Evelyn to be happy and not hungry!

Heidi "holding" Evelyn

Our big girl hanging out on the couch!

Evelyn and her cousins Gage, Katie, and Ben
(Gage loved touching her head...we had to keep an eye on this!)

Our last full day in Wray, we went swimming.  And by swimming, I mean we both put our swim suits on, then sat in the shade while her cousins swam!  It was a little too busy to have her in the water, and a little too sunny for her baby girl skin.

Mommy and Evelyn ready to swim

Evelyn's idea of swimming

She did wake up after a while...
I think she loved being outside (something we don't get to do much of in Corpus Christi, with heat indices in the 100s every day)

'Lil Pete with her Aunt Aug

And her Uncle Mike

Lisa...I'm not sure how we didn't get a picture of you (other than the first one where you can see your legs and arms...).  Guess we'll have to come back! :-)

All in all, it was a great trip.  Evelyn did great on the trip up...especially considering that we flew Southwest from Corpus to Houston and Frontier from Houston to Denver.  It was cheaper, but it required us to go get our bag and re-check in.  The trip back was a little less easy - she was pretty gassy, which means scream crying in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  I got some great looks.  She was asleep by the time we got on the plane, though.  The unfortunate thing there was sitting on the plane for 15 minutes with no power while the pilot powered down to remove a glitch in the computer system.  Did I mention it was 115 degrees in Dallas that day?!  Good times.  I wish Dan could have been with us, although he got to spend a night in the Prayer Room of the International House of Prayer.  They lost power that night and seamlessly kept worshipping from electric to acoustic.  I'm a little bit jealous.  But I got to see mountains.

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  1. She is SO beautiful, Stace! I wish we could see you guys sooner than November. She's growing too fast!