Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Days With No Water...

It's been an interesting week in the Gaines house! On Tuesday, we had a pipe burst in our garage between the well pump and the water pressure tank (who knew a screwdriver smaller than 2 inches could do that?!). I was inside the house working, and Dan and his Dad were doing some electrical work in the garage. All I heard was something thud (the screwdriver), and gushing water. I opened the door to the garage to find my husband dripping wet from getting the valve turned off. So we were without water for 2 days. As you can see from the picture to the left, the pipe looked to be living it's last happy days of holding water. We were so thankful that it happened while Dan and Ted were right there - we have half our garage full of packed boxes, and some furniture that some friends are buying from us - it could have been a huge mess had the pipe burst when we weren't there! It was definately one of those situations that was a huge frustration, but in hindsight it could have been much worse. Thank you God for (again) protecting us! We are still fighting with the home warranty policy we purchased when we listed the house as to who will pay for the repairs, so you can be praying for that to come through! Did I mention that we had our home inspections and appraisal yesterday?! The plumbers finished up yesterday morning, so I spent the afternoon wasting water to get all of the rust and sediment out of the system so we wouldn't have (hopefully) issues on our inspection! I think we are both ready to get this move done! :-)
Thanks for your continued support and prayers that all of these details will fall into place! We are closing on our house here on Thursday - July 3rd! It is just a huge blessing that we will have the proceeds from that sale as we make this move - God has definately provided mightily for us! We will be sure to keep you posted on Dan's job (the job in the Athletics Department at TAMUK was posted this we are praying that they move quickly - and of course, hire Dan!) :-)

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