Sunday, June 15, 2008

New News and Updates!

Some new news, and updates on some old news...and most importantly - ways that you can be praying for us!

  • We are officially under contract on our new house in Corpus Christi! We'll be doing inspections (well, we won't - but the professionals will be!) on the home this week. Please pray that these will go well and that we will select the right inspectors for the job!! Our agent is going to be at the house for all of these for us - we are so blessed to have her helping us through this process!

  • We have our first showing on our Indiana house tomorrow (Monday)!! It will be between 11am-12pm (EST) - so you can be praying for that! We know that God is bringing everything together in His time - and just have to remind our fleshly worries that HE IS ON THE THRONE and IN CONTROL!!!

  • We received some good news this week regarding our home loan. It looks like we will be able to work with my (Stacey) hometown bank - and that the loan will NOT be contingent upon the sale of our Indiana home! Praise God! Of course, we are still praying for the sale of our home here in the hopes of avoiding the financial burden of paying 2 mortgages/home insurances/utilities/etc.

  • Dan is still looking for jobs in Corpus Christi - he has applied for various philanthropic, event coordinator, and athletic positions. We appreciate your continued prayer for him to find a job so he doesn't have to be a cabana boy in chapps (please...pray! :-)).

  • One last prayer request - please be praying for us to quickly find a new church home in Corpus Christi. We have done some searching online and found some nearby churches when we were out there - but ultimately we want to be where God wants us and where we will be most effective for His Kingdom! So your prayers for us to be lead by the Spirit in this (and all!) avenues of our move are greatly appreciated!

We'll be sure to update you on any new developments - we really appreciate your prayers and support during this relocation!

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