Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gastro-Intestinal Specialist

We had Evelyn's appointment with the gastro-intestinal specialist yesterday morning.  This doctor is not my favorite.  He seems very good, but his manner of questioning and dealing with his patients is really odd and uncomfortable.  They took her weight and height, then had us talk with a dietician to discuss her normal diet.  She said that there were some places where we could improve her diet, namely her snacks - to try and give her two things instead of one so that she will eat more, but that on the whole her diet looked good.  She also suggested that, since she hates Pediasure, we add the Pediasure to her milk small bits at a time to try to add in those extra calories each day.  We then met with Dr. Jain.  Like I said, he wasn't my favorite, but he seemed very thorough.  He said she doesn't look malnourished, and she has hit all of her developmental milestones on time.  He ordered a number of tests to test for several things, one of which is Celiac disease (where your body can't process gluten).  We won't get the results of that for at least 2 weeks. 

So this morning we headed to Driscoll (our local children's hospital) for her tests.  First it was a blood draw, where I think they took about every drop of blood she had.  Poor baby.  Then she had to have an x-ray done of her wrist.  Dr. Jain wanted to look to see that her bones look like 19-month old bones and not 12-month bones.  Dan had to come help with that because, being pregnant, I could not be in the room with her. 

So now we wait...and try to get her to drink Pediasure in her milk.

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