Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yee Haw - We're Moving to Texas!!

We wanted to let everyone know that Stacey has been offered, and has accepted, a position in the Health & Kinesiology department at Texas A&M-Kingsville! Of all of the places that she interviewed, this was not only her favorite department (great people with a focus on teaching) - but also the interview and process that we both had the most peace about. We will be moving to Texas and joining the Javelina family in July!

Kingsville is about 30 minutes southwest of Corpus Christi - which has some good potential job opportunities for Dan - we we will likely be living in Corpus Christi, which is a fabulous vacation spot we're heard - beaches, warm weather, resorts! (Just so you know in case you want to stop by for a visit!)

Dan has his heart set on becoming a cabana boy in chaps if nothing else turns we appreciate all prayers for Dan to find the perfect position down there! We appreciate your prayers for all of the other fun details of relocating (selling our home here quickly, finding a home - with guest rooms! - there, etc.). Stacey is working to finish as much of her dissertation as possible before we leave, but fortunately, she has support from her new department chair there to start ABD (all but dissertation....), which is a huge blessing for the transition should she not get finished before we leave! Her proposal date has been set for Friday, May 23rd - so you can keep her in your prayers that day!

If you happen to know someone that is in or connected to the Corpus Christi area, we would of course appreciate any assistance in job possibilities for Dan, etc. You just never know who knows someone who knows someone!

We are sad to be leaving Indy...especially if we aren't going back to Colorado!...but we are very excited for this next opportunity in our lives!!

We apprecaite your continued prayers and support as we make this transition!!

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